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In 1978, Bill Briggs recognized problems created by used oil. He later founded Orrco, pioneering the oil recycling industry with technical skill, resilience, teamwork, and innovation.

Scott Briggs acquired Orrco in 2016. Scott’s engineering experience and background as plant electrician and plant operator, provides him with the ability to transform Orrco for a better, cleaner environment. Still active in his 80’s, Bill continues to contribute as our Expert-Emeritus, advising Orrco and loyal customers on historic petroleum issues.

Orrco has been the Pacific Northwest’s trusted collector and recycler of used oil for over 30 years. We continually adapt to ever-changing regulations, environmental issues, and technological hurdles with innovation and a sense of pride for the work we do for our customers and environment.

Industry Pioneers - Orrco has been a renowned leader in oil recycling for over three decades.

Environmental Record

Orrco has worked closely with DEQ and EPA developing solutions and regulations resulting in better waste reduction practices– minimizing landfill waste and limiting liability.

Reduced Waste– We treat waste waters contaminated with oils and fuels, maximizing recovery of the oil and fuel and removing the contaminants before discharging. We have the capacity and expertise to treat 5 million gallons of industrial water yearly.

Environmental Awareness- Wetlands transformed by Orrco.

Re-Refinery Operations

Orrco is a trusted name in the oil recycling industry for many reasons. We’re experienced, innovative, and dedicated to the proper handling of used oil products.

All of our operations follow a structured methodology in accordance with EPA, DEQ, permit and internal requirements.

Orrco excels at continuous quality improvements. These have resulted in Orrco’s ability to perform both conventional oil recycling, de-watering and reformulating AND state-of-the-art refining to produce base oils.

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Innovative - Orrco's revolutionary technology is changing the way we recapture and recycle oil.


Recycling oil is our business. The demands on our industry are constant and always changing. We vigilantly comply with environmental regulations and standards.

We don’t just comply.

Blanket definitions can wrongly include or exclude acceptable non-hazardous materials. Over the course of 30+ years, we’ve worked with the EPA, state regulators, customers, and environmental stakeholders to help create more informed laws and regulations. When scientifically sound, we defend practical solutions on behalf of our customers.

Standard-Setting - Orrco's knowledge, experience, and collaborative spirit have helped forge the standards for a cleaner environment.


Oil Re-Refining Company, Inc. (Orrco) – Portland Facility

4150 N. Suttle Road
Portland, OR 97217
EPA ID Number: ORD 980975692

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Air Permit Information
Type: Standard Air Contaminant Discharge Permit
Permit Number: 26-3048

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Solid Waste Treatment Permit Information
Type: Letter of Authorization – Solid Waste Permit
Permit Number: 1341
Oregon DEQ – Solid Waste Program

City of Portland – Bureau of Environmental Services

Wastewater Discharge Permit Information
Type: Wastewater Discharge Permit
Permit Number: 437.005
Permit Manager: Brian Laurent: City of Portland
Phone Number: (503) 823-5655


Solid Waste License Information
Type: Solid Waste Facility License
Permit Number: L-124-08

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Information
Type: Stormwater Discharge Permit
Permit Number: 1200-COLS

Oil Re-Refining Company, Inc. (Orrco) – Klamath Falls Facility

dba Industrial Oils, Inc. (IOI)
1291 Laverne Ave.
Klamath Falls, OR – 97603
EPA ID Number: ORD 980980775

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

Air Permit Information
Type: Standard Air Contaminate Discharge Permit
Permit Number: 18-0020

Oil Re-Refining Company, Inc. (Orrco) – Anacortes Facility

dba Venoil, LLC
9390 South March Point Road
Anacortes, WA – 98221
EPA ID Number: WAD 980987622

Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE)

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Information
Type: Industrial Stormwater General Permit
Permit Number: SO3010087A

Washington State Department of Ecology (DOE)

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Information
Type: Industrial Stormwater General Permit
Permit Number: WAR002213

Oil Re-Refining Company, Inc. (Orrco) – Aberdeen Facility

dba Apex Environmental, Inc.
414 S. Adams St.
Hoquiam, WA – 98550
EPA ID Number: WAD 988519419

Associates & Allies

In addition to working with government agencies – such as the EPA and Oregon DEQ – we belong to associations and organizations related to oil recycling and environmental protection.

We’re also proud to support Heat Oregon. Their donation program recycles your used oil through us and provides low-income families with assistance to keep heat and lights on.

Industries Served

Our Facilities & Responsive Fleet Serves Four States

No matter the size of your operation – if you need it collected, we’ll pick it up. We cater to businesses – large and small – as well as residential oil tanks and DIY oil change barrels.

Our expertise was developed through decades of experience serving the following industries:

  • Environmental consulting
  • Environmental contractors
  • Environmental emergency responders
  • Asphalt
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Construction
  • Food service
  • Government
  • Institutional
  • Lube service
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine (ports)
  • Metals
  • Petroleum
  • Railroads
  • Solid waste/recycling companies
  • Trucking
  • Public utilities

and many more.

Universal Appeal - Industries throughout the Northwest have come to rely on Orrco.

Careers at Orrco

We pride ourselves on our teamwork. Our goal is to hire and develop top engineers, drivers, office staff, technicians, and plant operators. And we’re always looking for new environmental leaders.

If you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you. Please email your resume to

Best and Brightest - Orrco attracts the highest-caliber people for every aspect of our business.