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Orrco is one of the Northwest’s leading recyclers of used oil and used oil related products, such as used oil filters, absorbents, and anti-freeze. We’re also uniquely equipped to accept contaminated fuels, as well as transmix.

We’re able to collect and accept a wider array of used petroleum and petroleum-related products because of our decades of experience and expertise.

If you have used oil or other oil-based waste you can trust Orrco to dispose of it safely and responsibly. We offer collection services as well as convenient drop off locations.

We also understand environmental responsibility doesn’t just take place between the hours of 9 to 5. Many of our locations are round the clock. Call us for a 24/7 location near you.

Collection Fees vary based on content and volume. We do not accept any materials containing listed hazardous wastes. Call us if you have questions about used oil.

Used Oil

Orrco has been a trusted recycler of used oil for more than 30 years. We accept motor oil, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids, machine coolants, turbine and (non-PCB) transformer oils.

We operate an extensive network of collection routes; so working with Orrco to recycle your used oil is easy, economical, and efficient. Our fleet of collection trucks caters to businesses – large and small – and we offer convenient drop-off options at each of our recycling facilities. We do not require minimums and our experienced and trained technicians are prepared to assist you.

Perhaps you’ve recently converted your oil furnace to natural gas and have leftover heating oil; call us to schedule a pick up. We also understand there is a need for the environmentally concerned, DIY oil changer to dispose of their accumulated used oil as well. We accept used motor oil and engine fluids at any of our processing facilities. Call for info.

Versatile - Orrco accepts the widest range of used oil products.

Spent AntiFreeze

If you’ve got used anti-freeze, we’ll take it off your hands. Our fleet of collection trucks caters to businesses – large and small.

Our extensive network of collection routes, equipped with compartmentalized trucks means working with Orrco is easy, economical, and efficient. Our professional and experienced team will work with your schedule and be able to assist you, any way you need.

Convenient - Orrco makes it easy to recycle your spent antifreeze.

Used Filters & Spent Absorbent

Our recovery process captures any remaining value found trapped in oil filters. Spill cleanup materials– such as spill pads, oily rags, and spent absorbent/sweeping compounds, can be processed for energy recovery.

Periodic maintenance on marine and other industrial equipment creates a collection of oily solids. We work with many industries as well as environmental cleanup groups to collect and recycle oily waste products.

Our innovative processing facilities are able to separate and re-refine the usable material to create recycled oil products, leaving less waste polluting our environment.

Orrco’s trucks are also equipped to collect “sump sludge”, and tank bottoms. Call us to schedule a pick up or find a drop off location near you.

Powerful - Orrco's facilities have the capacity to recycle every manner of oily solid.

Oily Wastewater

Orrco collects and accepts oily wastewater from environmental cleanup operations as well as flooded homes, marine operations, gas stations, and commercial, fleet, and industrial storm water systems. We can also collect emulsified petroleum, soluble cutting fluids and oils, and grease trap liquids.

With an operating capacity of over one million gallons of oily water per month, we remove pollutants while converting recaptured oils into recycled fuels.

Our Category B Centralized Waste Treatment (C.W.T.) permit uniquely positions us to reduce NW pollutants. We offer an environmentally sound water treatment system, removing contaminants before discharging to the municipal POTW.

Call us for more information regarding oily wastewater cleanup and collection.

High-Capacity - Orrco is the Northwest's go-to facility for oily water treatment.

Contaminated Fuels

icon-06-120x120With an innovative processing facility, we’re capable of accepting large volumes. Our vast capacity eliminates the need to ship these resources across the county, reducing the risk of spills and other environmental emergencies. Contact us for more information regarding transmix.

Fuel has a shelf life, so if that clunker in your backyard or that supertanker in your harbor hasn’t been used in a while, the un-evaporated fuel in its tank can become a problem. Bring the spent fuel to Orrco. Contact us to arrange pick-up.

  • Gasoline
  • Kerosene
  • Diesel
  • Jet Fuel
  • Transmix

Locally Operated - Orrco's Northwest location eliminates the need for risky and expensive transport of contaminated fuels.